Lab 524

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This is a software-related computer laboratory that houses 49 sets of pc. This lab serves as Information and Computer Technology Laboratory(ICT LAB) where appropriate subjects/courses are assigned, namely: C SCI 2B, FREE EL2, ICT, HRM 19C and majors subjects in Information Technology.  Each unit in this lab is installed with the following Operating System and application programs such as, Windows 7 OS, Microsoft Office 2007, Java, JGrasp IDE, Quincy,  notepad++, Acrobat Reader and etc.. Furthermore, this lab is equipped with a permanently mounted DLP & CCTV System for presentation & security purposes, respectively.

General Description of the Lab (Hardware and Software): 


Laboratory Schedule and Subject assigned:                

                                        1st Semester      2nd Semester                                       

Internet Connection: Yes

We hope you find your use of the CCS computer labs easy and helpful.  If you have any concerns or questions about the following policies, please call (032) 255-777 LOCAL 184.

The computer labs are available for CCS students to complete class Activities, Projects and Assignment. All students are asked to respect the rights of others in order to have a quiet environment to complete their activities. The CCS IT Lab Supervisors and Lab Assistants reserve the right to ask a student to leave a computer lab when he or she does not comply with these rules. Students violating the Computer Lab Rules will be referred to the CCS Lab Supervisors.

  1. Policies and Procedures
    1. Sit-in Policy
    2. Network Accounts and  Files
    3. Printing
    4. Student Requests
    5. File Transfer
    6. Downloading of Software(list of software)
  2. Downloadable Forms

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