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Computer Laboratory  Guidelines, Procedure and Policies

Safety Policy

        CCS Computer Lab DO's and DON'T


1. Know the location of the fire extinguisher and the first aid box and how to use them in case of an emergency.

2. Read and understand how to carry out an activity thoroughly when inside the laboratory.

3. Report fires or accidents to your teacher/laboratory supervisor immediately.

4. Report any broken plugs or exposed electrical wires to your lecturer/laboratory technician immediately.



1. Do not eat or drink in the laboratory stated in the laboratory rules and regulation #8.

2. Avoid stepping on electrical wires or any other computer cables.

3. Do not open the system unit casing or monitor casing particularly when the power is turned on. Some internal components hold electric voltages, which can be fatal.

4. Do not insert metal objects such as clips, pins and needles into the computer casings. They may cause fire.

5. Do not remove anything from the computer laboratory without permission.

6. Do not touch, connect or disconnect any plug or cable without your lecturer/laboratory technician's permission.

7. Do not misbehave in the computer laboratory.  

Computer Lab Safety Rules for Protecting Equipment

·Do not bring any food or drinks near the machine.

·Turn off the machine once you are done using it.

·Do not plug in external devices without scanning them for computer viruses.

·Ensure that the temperature in the room stays cool, since there are a lot of machines inside a lab as these can overheat easily. This is one of the many ways of ensuring computer safety.

·Try not to touch any of the circuit boards and power sockets when a device is connected to them and switched on.

·Always maintain an extra copy of all your important data files. 

·General Safety Guidelines to be followed at all times

·All users of the laboratory are to follow the directions of the teacher/lab supervisor/student assistants.

·Food or drink is not permitted at any time in the laboratory.

·Students should not attempt to repair, open, tamper or interfere with any of the computer, printing, cabling, air conditioning or other equipment in the laboratory.

·Please treat fellow users of the laboratory, and all equipment within the laboratory, with the appropriate level of care and respect.

In case of an emergency or incident in the laboratory: 

Keep calm.

Tell someone about it: the nearest staff member, a fellow student, the Student Assistant, fellow Workers, your Supervisor, others in the area.

Phones are located in the CCS Dean/Faculty Office Next to Laboratory 530 and Laboratory Supervisors Office Inside lab 524. Call the Civil Security Unit, Phone 255-7777 local 110 or just dial 110 if you are calling in a local number or you can call directly to the Bureau of Fire Protection Cebu City Fire Station N. Bacalso (032)254-8385.

Be ready to describe in case of emergency:

Dial local telephone number: 110 - CSU

Leave the building if the type of emergency warrants it, or if directed by Marshals/Security. Do so by the nearest safe exit. Do not use lifts/elevators in case of fire. Follow the directions of Marshals, Security and Security Staff. Fifth Floor Plan.jpg

 5th Floor Plan


User Accounts Policy

In an effort to provide the UC-Main-CCS community with more stable and available computing resources, students are required to log on to the computers using the account given to them by their Teacher. And teachers will also have an account given to them by the Laboratory Supervisors.


·A student account folder is stored in the File-Server, security policy is already provided to ensure the safety of the files inside the server.

·A student has 1 account per subject policy, so if a student has 3 subjects that have laboratory use, the student has 3 accounts 1 for each subject.

·A student who uses somebody else's network account will not be allowed to use the Computer Laboratories' computer units for at least a month or can be waived earlier or longer with the discretion of the dean and the teacher.

·A student is only allowed to reset their account password three(3) times and resetting passwords will be done at the Laboratory Supervisors Office at Lab 524, on the 4th time of resetting the password the student will provide an incident report and pass it to the Laboratory Supervisors.

·A student is not allowed to put games, pornographic videos inside their account and files that exceed more than 10mb.

·A student is only allowed to open Common Folder and his/her Account folder once logged in.

·In case a student accidentally deleted any file from his/her account, he/she is advised to proceed to the laboratory supervisors office at Lab 524 and ask for a File Retrieve Form. A three(3) day allowance is given before the said deleted file is retrieve.


·A teacher account folder is stored in the Faculty-Server, a faculty can open also the account folder of the students but a read only policy is given. The common folder is given a modify read and write policy for teachers.

·A teacher is cannot delete the files of his/her students.

·A teacher has the right to disable or enable his/her students account thru the Laboratory Supervisors.

The Laboratory Supervisor reserves the right to erase user files which interfere with the correct operation of the network. It also reserves the right to erase files which are suspected to be in violation of the Intellectual Property Rights Law.

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