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maximum number of units allowed

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maximum number of units allowed
by Ma. Catherine Carumba - Saturday, 9 June 2018, 12:27 PM

Dear CCS students:

Please be reminded that you are only allowed to enroll a maximum number of:

26 units (with PE 1 and NSTP 1) /21 units (without PE 1 and NSTP1) - 1 st year student(  BSIT  2018-2019 New Curriculum )

29 units (with PE and NSTP )/24 units (without PE and NSTP) -  1st year student (BSIT/ACT  Old Curriculum)

27 units (with PE )/25 units (without PE) -  2nd  year  student(BSIT/ACT  Old Curriculum)

21 units - 3rd year students   (BSIT  Old Curriculum)

15 units - 4th year students  (BSIT  Old Curriculum)

or please refer/ follow your prospectus.