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Capstone42(Summer 18) :Reminder on Skills Test

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Capstone42(Summer 18) :Reminder on Skills Test
by Ma. Catherine Carumba - Friday, 11 May 2018, 9:36 AM

To all Capstone 42 students(Summer 18) 

 Please be reminded of  your  Skills Test which will be scheduled today May 11, 2018 ( Friday )

 Time start: 1:00pm  @ Labs 526


Before taking the test, the following must be submitted to the Dean's office:

1. Come on time  during the exam and bring your Capstone Project Manual with duly-accomplished form -oath of confirmation[Make sure you had already submitted 1 copy of your duly-accomplished form-oath of confirmation to CCS office (by group) before taking the Skills Test] ;

2. Wear your OJT -Type A uniform; and

3.  Excuse letter with Dean's approval  (To those who did not attend the meeting last April 25).