Satorre, S.

  • The course covers discussion of database systems, the nature of the data, data association, data semantics and data models. A specific DBMS will be used to implement data models for use in business application programs.
  • This course takes the participant through entrepreneurship in technology ventures, which is about commercializing technology ideas into viable enterprises. It is about training techies, scientists and researchers in the skills and attitudes of entrepreneurs, about empowering them to realize the opportunities and commercial values arising from their ideas, technologies, technology applications or products. The course examines the development of ideas and how theseare translated into opportunities and eventually businesses; it challenges the students to go through the process of writing a business plan, which will be their final output in this course.
  • This course provides the mathematical needs of computing students wherein they have to learn the essential topics such as sets, propositional logic, matrices, relations and functions, combinatorics, discrete probability, and models of computation During the semester, students will learn to recognize and express the mathematical ideas graphically, numerically, symbolically, and in writing. They will become self-regulated learners and help other students become cooperative learners.